Wolfe is a winged white and blue wolf puppy. He's smart, funny, wise, loyal, easy-going, charming, brave, dependable, dedicated, shy, and happy-go-lucky. He wears a simple backpack in lieu of armor and has the power to communicate with humans.

Family and Allies

Wilbur (nephew)

Balloon (best friend and girlfriend)

Talon Labrathe (friend)

Francois (friend)

Mela (friend)

Princess Ava (friend)

Eva (friend)

Lili (friend)

Love Interests

  • Mela

Mela has a crush on him and constantly drops hints, but realizes he's not interested soon enough and gives up on the idea entirely.

  • Balloon

Wolfe has been in love with Balloon since they were younger, but fears it won't work out because he's a flying creature and she's not. However, as the series progresses, he gains self-confidence and eventually the courage to ask Balloon out. She agrees, and they've been together ever since.