Trickria spying on Dream's Royal Guards.

Trickria is Krakia and Notria's mother and the second villain in "Pets in My Pocket." She used to be a teather at Pocketville Pet High, but was fired when the rest of the staff found out she was trying to teach the students to serve her.

In the show, Trickria uses a voice-activated, magical mud puddle to spy on Stomp during her time in Hooperville. One day, she decides to make contact and offer her services. Stomp immediately hires her to use her puddle to spy on Treena and Dream's Royal Guards.

She makes an appearance in Pocketville: Rise of the Blood Moon as a deceased character. She, as well as the rest of the antagonists use the same mud puddle she used when she was alive, but it was used to spy on the Tomlins and the rest of the protagonists.


Trickria contacting Stomp.