Toon Sky

Toon Sky

Toon Sky is a toon where he wear blue and he lives in Lightville. He once lived in Toonville, but he doesn't like to live in Toon Kingdom because he sees Toon Link with Toon Celestia togeter. Well, he is Toon Celestia's oldest boyfriend. He has got his close-red hair in the right eye ,because his eye was scratched by a monster's claws. He is of account with Toon Link. He was the prince from Skyville, but he is go along, because the Sky Kingdom was destroyed by his enemy, Toon Nightmare.


Toon Sky is in the adventure to the rescue of Skyville.In the Sky forest,a place where they are dangerous monsters and creaters,Toon Sky is on the search of the Sky diamond for the save Skyville.But a weird monster with 6 legs like a spider,is scratches Toon Sky's eye and is make more blood.Toon Sky,gets mad,he is put the sword in monster's heart.Toon Sky put his long hair in the right eye.4 hours later,he is in the Diamond castle and he is got the Sky diamond and is return to Skyville.He is saved all the Sky kingdom, but a dark flash is appeared in Toon Sky's eyes, and is named Toon Nightmare. Toon Nightmare is destroyed the Sky Kingdom and all the citizens disappeared, except Toon Sky. Toon Sky is going in the unknown kingdom, Lightville. He meets Toon Light and they become friends.


  • Gender - Male
  • Age - 18 (because he is a toon and he can grow at the age)
  • Wearing - Blue Sky Colour
  • Eyes - black