Toon Eve
Eve is a Toon tuxedo/bicolour cat, and she has black eyes, and she lived in a place called Toon Kitten Kingdom before she moved to Toon Pocketville.She is not athletic or fast, but she is very kind to everyone, including  Toon Eva . She was Toon Ava's best friend when they were much younger. When Ava returned to Pocketville and was represented with the Toon Ocean of Friendship ,Toon Eve was moved to Toon Pocketville to see her again. Soon she became more of Toon Eva's bestest friend. Her favourite colours are dark blue and magenta.

Appearances and Personalities

Toon Eve is a Toon tuxedo cat, she is mainly black but with a white stripe down her nose. and has white paws. She also has a white neck. She has black eyes. After Toon Ava came, she was represented with the Toon Forever Friendship.

She is kind enough to even make Toon Ava and Toon Eva her best friends. She can be cheeky at times, which is fun for Toon Willis and her friends. Her boyfriend is Toon Alex, she can get mad at him sometimes, but she's never broke up with him, until she married Toon Willis, whom she began to love. She is a good artist, and draws almost everything she sees.

Toon Eve is able to speak like a W.G System AI V7.234c robot, because of all the Sci-Fi books she reads (however she's not an AI robot). She likes being sarcastic in front of Toon Milo when he tries one of his machines on her, when trying not to show her fear, she tries to laugh in the face of fear. Also singing cheers her up, she can be childish but is mature, by trying to entertain young puppies and kittens.

Age and 'Timeriding'

Toon Eve's current age is 8, but she really is 14,from the toon. Long ago, when she was 13, she had worked with a field team called "ToonTimeRiders". She was the agent of the group, which meant she had to go back in time to fix the problem which caused a 'TimeShift', which is a wave that comes into the present if something was changed in the past. ToonTimeRiding is very dangerous, and she never knew that until she was told. The leader of the group said people age when they time-travel, and she had become 27 years old.

That made her worried and wanted to leave the group. Once she went to Toon Pocketville she agreed to stay there, as Toon Pocketville was a wonderful place filled with happy pets, where she knew she'd fit in. She finally met many people, like Toon Willis. They accepted her as a friend, that lit her up with hapiness.

When Toon Thomas found a blue stone, it zapped Toon Eve and made her 14 again.