Toon Celestia

Toon Celestia

Toon Celestia is the Princess of Heartville. She wears a jewel called the Friendship Love, which she uses to bring couples together. She has friends in many other kingdoms and is in love with Toon Link.


In the "Twilight Love Princess" video game, Toon Celestia started out as a brave heroine from Toonville.

One day, she saw a handsome toon boy clad in green driving a pirate ship. His name was Toon Link, and she fell in love at first sight. Unfortunately, a witch named Unlove kidnapped Toon Link, and Toon Celestia set out to rescue him.

Three hours later in Unlove's house, Toon Celestia arrived and engaged Unlove in battle. When the time came, she used her special attack, Love Sword Heart, to defeat the witch. Toon Link was so grateful and Toon Celestia was so happy he was all right that they instantly became friends - and that's when Toon Celestia sneaked in a kiss!

At that same moment, a star fell from the sky and landed at Toon Celestia's feet, taking the form of a jewel called the Friendship Love. Toon Celestia picked it up and immediately knew its name and that it was meant for her, the new Princess of Heartville. Toon Link was sad when she had to leave for the Heart Kingdom, but felt a little better when she kissed him goodbye.