Toon Princess Ava is a Red-Point Siamese kitten, known in this form as a  Feles Toonis. She is the sweet, kind, caring ruler of Toon Pocketville.

After "Homecoming"

Toon Ava

Toon Ava

Toon Ava now relies on the Toon Ocean of Friendship to accomplish her royal duties, and after every Friendship Ceremony, she takes a well-deserved break to visit her friends.

Love Interests

  • Toon Wallace

After growing so close during their time together in the Toon Big City, Toon Ava and Toon Wallace courted each other for a time following Toon Ava's return home. However, Toon Ava's mounting royal duties and the cross-dimensional strain eventually became too much for their relationship to take, so they decided to part ways as friends.

  • Toon William

At one time, Toon William and Toon Ava were a couple, but that changed when Toon Belle moved to Toon Pocketville. She and Toon William fell in love at first sight, and Toon Ava, wanting them to be happy, broke it off with Toon William and wished them the best.