Princess Tiny is King Magic and Queen Mela's daughter and Prince Juno's big sister. She is kind, curious, mischievous, playful, headstrong, slightly wild, a tomboy, and has an insatiable need for independence. She also has a beautiful singing voice and loves to play with her little brother. In the future, she will marry Danny and give birth to twins, Geno and Gurri.


  • Eva and Scar

Becuase Eva and Scar's treacheries occurred long before she was born, she has no knowledge of their dark pasts and, thus, is far more forgiving of them than either of her parents.

  • King Magic

Due to her independent spirit, Princess Tiny's relationship with her overprotective father is loving, but strained at times. As a cub, she's fairly naive and initially fails to understand the deeper meaning of her father's lessons, leading her to ignore his advice. However, by the time she's a young adult, she is able to successfully apply what her father taught her to help bring peace between two feuding kingdoms. After that, King Magic finally accepts that his little girl is old and wise enough to make her own decisions.