Tiffany is a kind, spunky, loyal, and generous yellow tabby kitten.

Being a fatherless only child from a rich family, she always used to worry about what others thought of her. That is, until a new girl in her class was getting picked on by the other girls.

Tiffany knew what that felt like -- when she was younger, the other kids had made fun of her for not having a father - and knew she couldn't just do nothing. She walked over and defended the girl, and the others backed off. The two girls have been best friends ever since.

Love Interests

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Tiffany: "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" Version

Tiffany in Super Smash Bros Brawl version
Appearance Yellow fur, yellow and dark brown hair, white muzzle and tail tip, and blue eyes.
Clothing A yellow shirt with orange sleeves, an orange pleated skirt, a red belt, white thigh-length socks, orange and white shoes, red collars about her neck and left wrist, and a yellow bow in her hair.
Powers Tiger Scratch (does forty percent damage), Tiger Sprint (does twenty percent), and Strong Slap (does sixty percent damage).
Final Smash

Tiger of the Stars

She shoots golden stars at everyone (does one hundred percent damage).