Star Dog, the pack leader.


  • Star Dog: The leader and most famous member of the pack. She is a friend to all. According to Eva in the episode, "Holiday," her full name is Star Marie Predatora Veldetta Jacquelina Dog. Her distinguishing characteristics are the blue patch on her left eye and the yellow star on her right thigh. Her pack nickname is "Big Pup."
  • Magic: Star Dog's alleged mate.
  • Juno: Star Dog's little brother.
  • Mela: Star Dog"s little sister.
  • Tiny: Star Dog's little sister.
  • Ava and Eva: Star Dog's little sisters.
  • Ed: Star Dog's friend.
  • T.J.: The Star Pack's newest member and Ava's son. He and Star Dog are good friends.
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Star Pack


  • Star Dog is the first female in Pocketville to hold a position of power.
  • At the show's climax, the Star Pack saves Bella from Scar's vicious attack.
  • Star Dog is very similar to Magic in that they share the same temperament and both meet and befriend outcasts (Bella and Eva, respectively).