Snowy is a thirteen-year-old (in human years) white Labrador puppy. She is very nice, kind, shy, and observant. Her best friends are Eve and Willis, and her favorite color is blue. 

Snowy is a famous artist in Pocketville and has many pieces in her art gallery to show for it. Her favorite thing to paint is the Pocketville residents having fun together.

Snowy, the artist.

Snowy's Blue Nose 

When Eva and her henchdogs found out about Snowy's magical painting in the art gallery and attempt to steal it, they accidentally trip the alarm and wake the artist, who immediately gives chase.

As the villains are making a break for the exit, however, Eva kicks a can of blue paint Snowy's way. Temporarily blinded, the poor puppy can do nothing but let the would-be thieves escape. Nosing her way to the shower, Snowy is luckily able to wash off all the paint but the bit on her nose, which has since become a permanent and defining facial feature.