Princess Tina, or Princess Tiny, as she is affectionately called, is Ava's youngest daughter and an apricot-point Siamese (Felis aulicus) cat. At the end of the series, she makes an appearance as a newborn kitten.

Love Interests

Apophis forces Tina to use her feminine charm to keep Magic away from the palace long enough for the master thief to find and steal a chalice of unparalleled fortune. As she spends more and more time with the German Shepherd, however, she begins to like and even fall for him. She's on her way to tell him her feelings when Apophis drops by to inform her that he's succeeded in his endeavor and that she performed flawlessly.

Tina, for her part, can't bear to face Magic after what she's done, resolving to redeem herself by joining the good guys and returning the chalice. After a short lovers' reprieve, Magic has to leave to take up leadership of the Star Pack. Just before he departs, Tina kisses him on the cheek and wishes him the best.

The day Tod meets Princess Tina is the day he understands the true meaning of love.

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Character Profile

  • Affiliation: Good
  • Home: Pocketville
  • Occupation: Potter (formerly), traveler (currently)
  • Personality: Smart, funny, firm, brave, cunning, and laid-back.
  • Relationships: Queen Ava V (mother), King Richard (father), Prince Frederick (husband), Duchess Ava, Duchess Melissa, Princess Helena, Princess Genevieve (older sisters), Prince Bolt and Prince Nikolai (sons), Sly (mother-in-law), Princess Denise, Princess Natasha, Princess Collette (daughters), Perdita (daughter-in-law), and Queen Eva VII (aunt).
  • Goals: To keep her family safe and to be as great a ruler as her mum.
  • Allies: Twistle, Queen Ava V, Queen Eva VII, and the Royal Dog clan .
  • Enemies: Pocketville Villains
  • Likes: Romance, Magic, her kids, Eva, and the Ink Pasta that Gina makes.
  • Dislikes: Being mistreated, being called "that cat," rats, and seeing Twistle become the Princess of Pocketville before her
  • Weapons: Teeth and claws
  • Quotation: "I am not your girl! I don't belong to anybody!"; "I don't need a weapon! My friends are my power!"; "Danger? Ha! I laugh in the face of danger! Hahahaha!"

Video Game Appearances


Princess Tiny, as seen in-game.

Years pass, and Princess Tina grows up to be a fine young cat. She meets Sora and the Royal Dog clan when they save her from a bunch of Heartless

After exchanging pleasantries, she makes a bargain with them: if they help her defeat Scar, she'll teach Sora the Dash command. But after listening to some bad advice from Tod the Fox, they are mistakenly cut out of the deal.

Once she gets to know them all a little better, Princess Tina decides to tell Sora about her father, who the boy reveals is alive and well. They set off together to seek him out and finally reunite at the oasis, where Juno finds the courage to face his uncle once and for all. The two battle it out, but in the end, Juno comes out victorious. He is once again crowned King of Pocketville.

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  • Her nickname is Tiny because she is the youngest out of her sisters, and the runt.
  • VanillaFlare's depiction of Tina instead shows her as an apricot-point Siamese rather than a solid orange with a purple star marking.