Duchess Margaret is a fun and athletic Siamese/American Wirehair crossbreed cat who is the Duchess of Floroville. She uses her Floral Friendship jewel to send pets to lonely children in Times Square in New Warkton. She is in love with Duke Don.

She, as well as Duchess Petunia, are Duchess Lola and Duke Harry's second litter.


Margaret is very active and energetic, as she loves going outside to both run around, getting some sun, and also to tend for her flowers, which she has a fondness for.

History (Matijevic2kiki’s version)

One day, an evil cat who tampered with black magic decided he couldn't stand Margaret's innocent little face anymore.

So, at the next Blooming Ceremony, which just happens to take place on Margaret and Don's fourth wedding anniversary, he distracts all of the Attendants with a small campfire left burning in the bushes and waits until everyone else's full attention is on Duchess Margaret. The moment he sees an opening, he steals the Floral Friendship and sends the kitten ruler to the capital, Pocketville, instead.

The jewel is broken into equal fourths in the chaos - the Attendants and the villain each have two pieces - and the only way to get Margaret back is to gather them all and put the Floral Friendship together once again. The moment the gem shatters, the entire kingdom is thrown into darkness and gloom.

Moments after Duchess Margaret's disappearance, a young, pure-hearted African American girl named Janna appears in the middle of the fountain.

Biography (by VanillaFlare)

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Margaret: "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" Version

Margaret in Super Smash Bros Brawl version


White fur, green hair, and yellow eyes.


A green halter top, a red skirt decorated with three black hearts, a dark magenta belt, white thigh-length socks, white gloves with green trim, and dark magenta shoes.
Powers Flower Strike (does thirty percent damage), Butterfly Cat (does twenty percent), and Tail Whip (does fifty percent damage).
Final Smash

Floral Cat

She transforms into the cat-like Spirit of Nature and strikes everyone with rose thorns (does two hundred percent damage).

Duchess Margaret "Pocketville: Rise of the Blood Moon" Version

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