Not to be confused with Duchess Lola.

Princess Lola is a seal-point Tonkinese, part of the Balance Duo, and Queen Ava's cousin. She is skilled with a sword, but often prefers to use her War Heart to fire torpedoes, drop bombs, and shoot lasers at her enemies. Her sister, Princess Melissa, wears the Peaceful Friendship and is always begging her sister to stop her somewhat violent actions.

After the events of Rise of the Blood Moon, she is frequently seen in her anthropomorphic form, but is sometimes seen in her regular cat form as well.

She has a crush on Prince Zoldine.


Headcanon Voice: Jane Lynch

Lola: "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" Version

Lola in Super Smash Bros Brawl version
Appearance White fur, peach skin, brown hair with a blonde streak, and yellow eyes.
Outfit A short purple dress, brown elbow gloves, and white shoes. She wears the Friendship Triforce (previously known as the War Heart) on a chain around her neck.
Weapons Sword and shield
Powers Flying Sword (does fifty percent damage) Sword Smash (does seventy percent), Berserk Sword (does sixty percent), and Dancing Sword (does eighty percent damage).
Final Smash

Friendship Triforce

She uses her magical jewel to trap everyone inside the Triforce symbol so she can strike them as much as she pleases (does three hundred percent damage).

Princess Lola "Pocketville: Rise of the Blood Moon" Version

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