Princess Jewel

Princess Jewel is the female protagonist of "Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures at ACME Pupiversity" and its direct-to-video follow-up movies. She's the cheerful, determined, kind, slightly clumsy, and caring Princess of Corinthia.


Princess Jewel is an attractive seventeen-year-old puppy (in human years; in dog years, she's only a year and a half old). She's very modest about her beauty,having never given her appearance much thought. Around her neck, she wears the royal family's diamond called the Sun of Friendship, which allows her to perform Friendship Ceremonies.

Character Profile

  • Home: Kingdom of Corinthia
  • Family: Queen Dottie (mom), King Domino (dad)
  • Friends: Lili; Twistle; Willis; Dogo; Ava; Pocketville Princesses; William, Senior; Butterscotch; and Eva (sometimes)
  • Enemies: Eva (most of the time), Marjorie, and Billy