Prince Felix

Felix is the brave and strong Prince of Feline Kingdom. He likes being a hero and fighting for good and dislikes dogs, evil, and his citizens being in danger. He wears the Kittness Heart around his neck.

Feline-Smashville Citizens:

  • Meariow (Mario)
  • Meow-Luigi (Luigi)
  • Pikameow (Pikachu)
  • Pussonic (Sonic)
  • Link-Wildcat (Link)
  • Kitten Link (Toon Link)
  • Kirby Kat (Kirby)
  • Kitty Peach (Peach)
  • Kittelda (Zelda)
  • Foxycat (Fox)
  • Lloydymeow (Lloyd)
  • Mega Meow (Mega man)
  • Pockemon Kitter (Pockemon Trainer)
  • Catlizard (Charlizard)
  • Jigglykit (Jigglypuff)
  • Nessiamese (Ness)
  • Samiese (Samus)
  • Captain Kitten (Captain Falcon)
  • Marthcat (Marth)
  • Ikat (Ike)
  • Narucat (Naruto)
  • Ichikat (Ichigo)
  • Snakat (Snake)
  • Tailsykat (Tails)
  • Falcat (Falco)
  • Wolfkat (Wolf)
  • Squirket (Squirtle)


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