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Colpitas Inc., or Pocketville Studios, as many people call it, is a rather massive TV studio and radio station, where all kinds of entertainment is made for everyone to enjoy.

Films and Television

One of the best films to come out of Pocketville Studios is "The Tale of Le Magici," which Koty and the studio's crew directed and produced. Dill Pickles (Rotten Tomatoes) gave the film four stars and a review that highlighted the good and the bad.

The second-best TV talk show is "The Oprah Puppy Show" (Pocketville's version of "The Oprah Winfrey Show"), where all kinds of pets talk to Oprah Puppy about all kinds of things.

The top TV talk show is "Animal Talk," which is hosted by a puppy nicknamed Llazlow (Chad is his real name, but he doesn't like to be called that).

One of the best documentaries to come out is "Secrets of the Tomlin Dynasty", a documentary on the Pocket Kingdom's royal family and their history.

Radio Stations

There are ten radio stations in Pocketville, each providing its own genre. Mia, the studio chief, programs every one individually in order to make Pocketville Studios the best it can be.

Pocketville South Coast Talk Radio, also known as PSCTR, is by far the best. Its broadcasts reach across almost the entire kingdom and is comprised of five or so different talk shows, each of which is three to four hours long.