Like his sister, Bella, Mitch is a Border Collie. He is very kind and loves Angela very much.

Early Life

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Mitch and Angela's relationship blossoms, but just before they are about to be married, Mitch finds out a relative he thought he'd lost as a pup is alive. He doesn't want to leave his fiancee, but feels compelled to seek out this family member, and Angela urges him to follow his heart.

Mitch and Bella

Bella explaining to Mitch what it's like to be a teacher.

His journey starts out well, but swiftly takes a turn for the worse when he gets caught in a hurricane and dumped in the mountains. When he finally makes it back home, he is overjoyed to discover that Angela had given birth in his absence and showers his children with all the love he can. 

As the years pass, the kids start acting out and swearing all the time. Angela, at a loss, suggests sending them to Bella's school, and Mitch agrees, if in part because it gives him an excuse to visit his sister.