Ming ming

Ming Ming, Lili and Willis' daughter.

Ming Ming is a kind, beautiful, refined Shiba Inu puppy. She's a definite Daddy's Girl and can act a little stuck-up sometimes. She's rather danger prone, which could explain her love of charity work. She is second to Willis on Dogo's Most Hated Puppies list.

In the episode, "Love 'Em Puppies," Geno asks Ming Ming to the Four-Legged Ball and becomes her boyfriend.

Early Life

Ming Ming grew up with a very wealthy famliy in a mansion in Pocketville. She slept on a cloud-soft dog bed with a diamond-and-rhinetone name patch sewn on the side. Back then, as could be expected, she acted like a spoiled brat.


  • Willis (Dad)
  • Lili (Mom)
  • Jevy (sister)
  • Kovu (brother)
  • Lieutenant Wolf (Granddad)

Love Interests

  • Furrball 

Ming Ming pursues him in every episode, following the annoyed wolf across all of ACME Acres before he jumps into the river to hide his scent. Then, Furrball douses the Royal Guards in his scent so Ming Ming will chase after them instead.

  • Justin Timberwolf

Ming Ming finds brief joy with a black dog, a movie star named Justin Timberwolf. However, after waiting on him hand-and-foot, Ming Ming discovers that he is nothing but an arrogant jerk. The last straw comes when he gives the autograph he promised her to a beautiful Vulpix named Lili. Ming Ming then promptly and literally kicks him to the curb.

  • Buster

In the first segment of "Return to ACME Acres," Ming Ming meets Buster, who is playing a Victorian-era detective, at the club. After the two dance a lengthy tango together, Ming Ming realizes she has a huge crush on him.

  • Octavious Pup

Coming soon!

Video Game Appearances

Ming Ming appears alongside Donald and Sora in "Kingdom Hearts X." In ths world, Ming Ming is Captain of Princess Ava's Royal Guard and a loyal friend to all, more than willing to put her life on the line to protect her kingdom and its subjects.

Ming Ming's most notable scene in the series is in "Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days," where she pushes Willis out of the way of a falling rock and takes the hit herself, causing Sora, Donald, and Willis to believe she's dead. After the ensuing battle, it's revealed that Ming Ming is alive and well.


  • Ming Ming is the first Pocketville princess to have a boyfirend who is a villain.
  • Ming Ming is the only female puppy to have known the protagonist as a child (and later fall in love with him).