Milo Kines is a Siamese kitten who was transported to Pocketville by accident. He lost his parents in a fire when he was only three months old.

He is one of the recurring characters in Pocketville: Rise of the Blood Moon.


Milo is shy, secretive, and highly intelligent, but also proves kind when given the chance. 

Some of the strays in the Big City make fun of him for being smaller than the average kitten, but he just ignores them and goes back to his books. His vast knowledge on a variety of subjects is what inspires him to invent and reach for his dream of being a respectable tinkerer one day.

His massive crush on Eva often compels him to write love poems, which he keeps on him at all times and never shows to anyone. Whenever she's around, he's hit with a severe case of nerves.

Family and Friends

  • Mily (long-lost sister)
  • Eva (friend and love interest)
  • Magic (friend)
  • Royal Guards (friends)
  • Willis (friend)
  • Eve (friend)
  • Sally (friend)


Milo: "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" Version

Milo is Super Smash Bros Brawl
Appearance White fur, peach skin, black hair, and purple eyes.
Outfit A white long-sleeved undershirt, a black tank top, rolled-up blue jeans, black socks, blue gloves with white trim and markings, and black shoes with white buckles.
Powers Blue-Eyed Laser (does seventy percent damage), Blue Shockwave (does eighty percent), and Quick Attack (does forty percent damage).
Final Smash Super Milo (like Sonic's Final Smash) - Does two hundred percent damage.