Millie is a beautiful Golden Retriever and William, Willis, and Angela's loving mother.


Millie and her husband, William, Senior, ran one of the most popular home bakeries in all of Pocketville. During a particularly hard winter, the two were out late doing last-minute home deliveries to the houses across town. Millie finished early and headed back home to wait for her husband, but he never arrived.

Early the next day, young Doctor Copper woke Millie with several urgent knocks on the door and regretfully informed her that Koty had found William, Sr.'s frozen body lying in the snow around five o'clock that morning. Millie, shocked and heartbroken, kept the worst of the depression at bay by focusing on maintaining the business she and her husband had built.

A week later, Millie discovered she was pregnant, and after months of waiting, she gave birth to three gorgeous puppies. She named her eldest son 'William' after her late husband, her second son 'Willis' after her late uncle, and her only daughter 'Angela' after her aunt.