Kate and mike (her older brother

Kate and her Michael .

Michael, or Mike, is Kate's older brother. His friend is Willis , William's brother. Michael is a bright young boy, somewhere in his mid teens, about 15 or 16, he really enjoys playing video games, sports and having fun with his family.


Despite his parents and sister living seperate, due to their jobs, Michael had been put into a boarding school, where he spent most of his time studying and making friends with those who he lived with during Boarding school. After a couple years in boarding school, Michael started to feel board and felt like the teachers were treating him too much, so he decided to sign up for Military School, despite leaving the boarding school he was in, Michael stared that he will miss all of his friends and the teachers he had over the years in the school, and he will come back to visit them, once he has finished with his school work in Military School.

At one point, Mike went from Boarding school to Military School, for the experience and for a change of scenory, Michael only went to Military School at the age of 15, feeling he was being treated too well at the boarding school he was going to, he wanted more challenges, so he went to Military School, at frst Maria and Peter are against this, but when they see how good Michael has done in Military School, they allow him to remain there till he graduates.
Michael and Kate

Michael wearing Military pajamas visiting Kate, and Kate is worried


He is a friend to Kristijan Matijević who lives in Zagreb,and is officially a Pocketville citizen thanks to Kristijan's starship USS Voyager.