Lovebug wearing half of the Golden Friendship.

 Lovebug is a German Shepherd puppy and one of the main characters of "Pets in My Pocket." She is sweet and loving, though she can be a little stubborn at times.

A short time after Queen Ava V sent her to live with Wendy in the Big City, her new owner happened upon half of the Golden Friendship. Not knowing what it was yet and thinking it was pretty, Wendy decided to wear it as a bracelet. The moment she did, she found she was able to communicate with animals.

When Freddy came over to visit Lovebug, the two told him about the strange jewel. They've been trying to find out more about it ever since.

She made an appearance in Pocketville: Rise of the Blood Moon.


Wendy (best friend)


Lovebug chasing a tennis ball.

Freddy (best friend)

Mela (best friend)

Reenie (best friend)

Polly (best friend)

Danny (friend)

William (friend)

Balloon (friend)

Ava (friend)

Eva (former enemy, now a friend)

Champion (friend)


Zull (enemy)

Gort (enemy)

Trickria (enemy)