Jevy is a beautiful, loving Mightyena. Her best friend is Princess Ava, and she is going out with Don. She is more sophisticated than her boyfriend, but can also be just as pushy and annoying when she wants to be. She is always there when Dogo needs her, even if that means something as simple as nagging her about her bad behavior. She usually keeps her cool when upset, but occasionally flies into rages that resemble Dogo's.


  • Hunter the Wolf 

Hunter is one of Jevy's best friends. They seem to have a playful rivalry going on, as they're always competing in races, skateboarding contests, and rock collecting, among other things.

  • Larry

Larry and Jevy are loyal friends. When Jevy's pet dies, Larry tells her how sorry he is and does his best to cheer her up.


  • Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville Season 2

When a famous retiring police dog's owner is framed for a jewelry theft he didn't commit, Jevy helps prove his innocence.

Jevy makes cameo appearances either as a pup or an adult in several House of Mouse episodes. She also appears in the opening of Mickey's House of Villains, which shows Dogo stealing her, Willis, and Lili's meals.