Buddypoke 4
Jane is a goth girl who goes to the same school as Liam XKateSanti X, and Ezzy X. She was originally part of Santi X's gang, but left when she found out they were taking advantage of her. She has a crush on Ezzy X.


Although she's a goth, she likes Hello Kitty and flowers. She used to be really uncomfortable when Liam X would hang out with her, to the point where she cried when he gave her Hello Kitty school supplies for Valentine's Day. When Kate came to their school,.Jane was friends with her  untll she found out that Kate was hanging out with Liam X.

She came across as harsh until she got a small dog that helped her be nicer. She eventually made friends with Liam and joined his Anti-Santi X Club.

idea voice actors

Lauren Tom

Tara Strong