Imba is a male Siberian tiger cub. He may be a little shy at first, but he's very playful and friendly once you get to know him. He acts tough in front of the other tigers in an effort to gain their respect, but he's really a big softie who wouldn't hurt a fly, which explains his difficulty with hunting exerises.

Character Profile

Gender: Male
Image imba


Species: Siberian Tiger

Personality: Shy, playful, friendly, and gentle

Home: Pocketville Jungle

Relatives: Patch (brother), Nanuk (cousin)


Imba was born long ago during Princess Ava and Eva's parents' reign. Like the rest of Pockeville's citizens, he longed for the day when he would be chosen to go to a loving home, but also knew that being a tiger meant his chances were slim to none.

And yet, it seemed the odds were in his favor because just after his first birthday, his image appeared in the Pocketpedia. His new owner was to be an eight-year-old boy named Ryan, who had an overwhelming fear of exotic animals.

This made Princess Ava's mother and Imba understandably skeptical, and their anxiety only increased when they learned that Ryan's parents had only made his condition worse by taking him on a safari last summer. Still, they had faith in the Pocketpedia's wisdom, and Princess Ava's mother proceeded with the Friendship Ceremony as planned.

Once in the Big City, it didn't take long for Imba to find Ryan. When the boy's parents walked out on their patio a few minutes later to find him hugging a tiger cub and asking if they could keep him, their mouths fell open in shock. The adults had concerns about bringing a wild animal into their home, but in the end, Imba made Ryan so happy that they couldn't say no.

Years passed, and the boy and cub grew up. Ryan was accepted into the Exotic Animal Veterinary program at a local university and found work at a wildlife sanctuary just outside of town. Imba lived there, too, so the best friends got to see each other every day. Imba was one of the park's most popular attractions, especially with the younger children.

Original story by Isabel Aanes