The Heart of Darkness is a fictonal jewel that is the opposite of the Friendship Heart, and if in the wrong hands, this jewel can be a powerful force for those who use it. This jewel can be used for good or evil pets or beings, but they must have a strong will to posses the jewel.

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Origins of Heart of Darkness.

In the beginning of the first Queen of Pocketville, Queen Avra, whom had possision of two powerful jewels, first the Friendship Heart, which repesented Love, Kindness, and courage and those who are pure of heart. While its twin heart, The Heart of Darkness repesented Hate, wickedness and despire, the Darkness Heart is the most powerful dark object in the whole of Pocketville, where the Friendship Heart is the most powerful light and good object in the world, anyone who possesed the Darkness Heart, would always be consumed into darkness, and can only be brought back into the light, by the power of the Friendship Heart. But if the user of the Darkness Heart is pure of Heart, and keeps their mind on the good side, then they will have full control of the Darkness Heart, but this is a risky task to do.

Civil War of Pocketville.

Centries after the creation of both the Friendship Heart and the Darkness Heart, the King and Queen of Pocketville, the great great great great grand parents of Ava and Eva, were great rulers, but the Pocket kingdom had gone into a civil war, due to the rebelious citizens of Pocketville, they found the old laws of Pocketville to be unfare to them, and demanded there to be new rules, both the king and queen denied the rebels for the new laws, only angering them more, soon the far east towns were at war with the Pocketville royal guards and Pocketville Military, at one point the leader of the Military found the Heart of Darkness and used it as a weapon to fight the rebels of Pocketville. Only resulting in turning the rebels into zombie slaves, who he then takes the advantage to take over Pockville.

When the Queen of Pocketville learned of the betrayal of the Military leader, by the information she got from a spy from both the Military and the rebels, she learns that the king and the leader of the Military were planning on betraying the royal family and taking over Pocketville, she rounds up the loyal military officers and Royal guards to help her fight the king and the Military leader, and their army of zombie slaves and trators, eventually they find the friendship heart that the king hid, and returned it back to the queen. During the last battle of the war, the queen used the Friendship Heart to defeat the king and Military leader, and freeing the zombie slaves they used with the Heart of Darkness, after the war, the queen orders her closet guard to get rid of the Heart of Darkness, after the war, The queen of Pocketville, along with her new king, made some new rules that were fair for the citizens of Pocketville, returning the peace to the Pocket Kingdom and its Citizens.

Kate the puppy

Kate the special girl, was unaware of the Heart of Darkness. Described by Ava, she is pure of heart.. When the Heart of Darkness affected her, she turned into a puppy, because her heart is not fully pure, but her heart was still pure enough to make her talk, with the humans understanding her'.' The event also affected the people who know her especially Peter and Maria, her parents. It affected them by erasing their minds on Kate, so when she was a puppy, nobody worried about her, as if she didn't exist.

The Friendship heart wasn't able to go near Kate, because the Heart of Darkness's power overpowered it. This made Kate really sad, which made Magic worried. The heart even transported her to the Big City without anyone, and it meant to Magic that Kate was in danger of the Pet Buster.

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