Don is a mixed breed, half Zorua (fox Pokemon) and half wolf. ​At one point, he appears in the series as a main character who gives out helpful tips on how to survive on the streets.

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Don has two sides to him. This is shown when he and the others meet Juno and Don pretends to be strong and powerful, yet turns cowardly when Juno's father appears.

After Mela breaks up with him because he lets his evil side get the better of him, he meets up and falls in love with Duchess Margaret.

Character Profile

  • Affiliation: Bad/Neutral
  • Home: Pocketville

    Don when he lets his evil side take over.

  • 'Occupation:'  Scar's minion
  • Allies: Scar, Slash, and the other Pocketville villains except Eva.
  • Enemies: Magic, Louis, Mela, and everyone else in Pocketville.
  • Goal: To kill Magic, Juno, Louis, and Mela.
  • Likes: Making jokes at others' expense. 
  • Dislikes: Scar betraying him.
  • Notable Attributes: Strength
  • Weapons: Teeth and claws.