Diana is a terrifyingly evil cat who can control fire. Thus, she is the most dastardly villain of the show. She also has a twin sister named Giana, to whom she is unshakably loyal.

Her fur is light purple, her hair and tail are black and red, her eyes are black, she has sharp claws, and she wears a yellow collar around her neck. Like her sister, she often boasts about her beauty, but everyone else in the Pocket Kingdom thinks her horrible personality makes her ugly.

She is Queen Ava V, Eve, and Princess Melissa's archenemy and rival, as well as one of Lady Mariet's lackeys.



Personalities: Annoying, dangerous, boastful, slightly insane, and heartless.

Relatives: Giana (twin sister)

Friends: None. Technically, she has one, but his/her identity remains unknown.

Enemies: Queen Ava, Queen Eva VII, Eve, and more.

Likes: Being beautiful, annoying Ava, Eva, and Eve, and scratching herself.

Dislikes: Ava, Eva, Eve, her sister getting hurt, and everyone calling her ugly.

Kryptonite: Ocean of Friendship