Candace is Willis and Zahria's half-wolf daughter. She is very kind and looks up to her sister, Arctic, and her father. Her good looks make her very popular with the male puppies.

Love Interests

  • Liam

Candace had been crushing on Liam since they were small, so when they were finally old enough to date, she began dropping hints about her feelings. However, when she saw that her sister liked him even more than she did and Liam seemed to return her feelings, Candace decided to back off and move on.

A few months later, though, she found out Arctic hadn't been hanging around Liam lately because she was interested in another wolf named Steven, who saved her life. Candace took this chance to ask out her long-time crush, and they've been dating ever since.

  • Jock

Candace's time with Jock was anything but enjoyable. At one point, the wolf got so obsessed with her that he kidnapped her and tried to force her to marry him. Luckily, her father and cousin, Thomas, rescued her soon enough, but after that, she was more cautious than ever around her admirers.