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Butterscotch is one of Princess Lili's Royal Guards in "Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures at ACME Pupiversity." He's on a special mission to capture Scar.


Butterscotch is a light blue unicorn with an indigo blue mane, and golden eyes. His Cutie Mark is a tiny, silver crescent moon within a larger golden one.


Butterscotch is funny, determined, and incredibly brave. He will stop at nothing to take down his enemies. His name strikes more fear into the hearts of criminals than his commanding officer's.

Character Profile

  • Occupation: Member of Princess Lili's Royal Guard
  • Affilation: Good
  • Place of Residence: Princess Lili's castle
  • Goal: To capture Scar
  • Allies: Princess Lili, Prince Willis, other Royal Guards, Princess Ava, Dogo, and the telekinetic sorceress.
  • Enemies: Eva, Scar, Professor Cute Scam, and the Cutes.
  • Likes: Apples, helping Princess Lili
  • Dislikes: Trouble, being outsmarted
  • Weapons: Sword, shield, hooves, teeth, and magic.