Bella is the teacher of the Pocketville School of Good Manners. She is also the personal counselor for Queen Eva VII.

Character Profile

Breed: Border Collie

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Indigo Blue

Personailty: Kind, well-mannered, and brave.

History: Bella had both Ava and Eva as her students. Eva hated going to her classes and merely faked her way through them. Bella succeeded in teaching Ava everything she knew, but she never could teach Eva how to be a good kitten on the inside, until she found out about King Blake. After King Blake lost control of Eva, she regained her manners and memory.

She went on to become Kevin's pet, teaching him good manners and how to be nicer to the people around him, most notably Kate.

After "The Homecoming"

Bella still made appearances in Pocketville from time to time and continued her classes when she could. However, when Kevin was sent to live with his aunt, who was allergic to dogs, and Bella found out Kevin's parents were going to give her away, she moved back to Pocketville permanently. Once settled, Bella fully reopened her school and started accepting new students, including Willis, William's younger twin brother. The two didn't get along at first because of his juvenile antics and foul language, but after a while, he started cooperating and did well.

After a couple of months back in Pocketville, Bella began searching for an assistant to help her with sorting out the students. Eventually, Willis offered his services to make up for all the trouble he caused when they first met, and Bella happily agreed. As they spent more time together, Bella began to like and appreciate Willis more and more, especially how fairly he treated the students. The puppies and kittens enjoyed having both Bella and Willis as their teachers; in fact, at one point, one of the students even started a rumour that Bella and Willis were a couple.

She was one of the pets that are part of the Tomlin Curse.

Love Interests

  • Willis

Eventually, despite their rocky start and during the time they've been working together, Bella developed quite the large crush on Willis.

  • William

While William could definitely be considered another one of her love interests, it's considered to be one-sided since he usually ignores her in favor of talking to his own crush, Maggie.