250px-Morrison Growlithe

 Austin is a friendly new Growlithe resident of Pocketville. Though his character is often left out and rarely takes the role of the lead protagonist in episodes he is in, Austin ends up being a very important character when it comes to his friends' adventures. 


Austin is depicted as a timid, but fun-loving new Pokemon on the block. During the course of season one, Austin doesn't know the other kids very well yet, and the resulting shyness supresses his natural bounciness and sometimes makes him more apprehensive than he would normally be. He's slighlty hesitant to express his opinion and even slower to take the lead. Eventually, Austin starts to come out of his shell, revealing a smart, friendly, and imaginative child.

Austin's voice is a little bit raspy in season one, but from season two onward, it's just as clear as everyone else's. His timidness also disappears in the last two seasons, what with Austin getting to know the other children better than he knows himself as the years pass by.

Austin is extremely helpful and has a big heart. His goal is to make everyone as happy as he can.

Character Profile

  • Full Name: Austin Thomas Wolf
  • Pokemon Species: Growlithe
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Date: Unknown
  • Mother: Elizabeth G. Wolf
  • Father: Joshua R. Wolf
  • Siblings: Troi and Riker (brothers)
  • Other Relatives: Gilbert (nephew)