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"Pets in My Pocket" is the fanon spinoff of "Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville." It was created by a user named Magic-is-cute.


In a land called "Pocket Pasture", a pony named Princess Dream uses a heart-shaped jewel called the Golden Friendship to send ponies to troubled children in Hooperville. All is well until Dream's evil cousin, Stomp, tries to steal the magical gem in order to claim the throne. In the struggle to protect it, Dream's Royal Gards, Stomp, and a puppy named Treena get sent to Hooperville instead. Once there, they all search desperately for the Golden Friendship, but each side for its own reasons.

Meanwhile in Pocketville, Eva is hatching a plan to steal Ava's Ocean of Friendship just as a German Shepherd puppy named Sweetie and an Engilsh Mastiff puppy named Edward are sent to live with lonely girls in the Big City. When they arrive, they come across one half of the Golden Friendship.

Episode List

1. "The Strange Gem: Part 1"

2. "The Strange Gem: Part 2"

3. "The Reunion"

4. "The Close Find"

5. "Terry's Trobble"

6. "A Special Friend"

7. "Ava's Birthday: Part 1"

8. "Ava's Birthday: Part 2"

9. "A New Land"

10."Tickles and the Troop"


  •  Only ponies can live in Pocket Pasture, but none of Princess Dream's Royal Guards are ponies.
  •  Hooperville is a parody of Hooterville from Green Acres.