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• 12/29/2018

Royal Guards

Congratulations to everyone! Since I trust all of you, I have given you adminship rights and you are now free to do whatever you please. Use them wisely!

also, Princess Ava15, I didn’t make you a bureaucrat because you’re not that active on the wiki, but I can change it if you’re active for a week :)

You should be able to see the tags on your usernames ^^

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• 12/8/2018

Monarchy in the Pocket Kingdom

I know about the princess and queen stereotype, but I'm wondering why in the original series Ava wasn't known as a queen if she's the monarch of the kingdom? A queen is a female monarch, and a princess is the female royal offspring or female married into royalty. In my series, Ava is already queen, and it said in my blog post what a Crown Princess of the Pocket Kingdom is.

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• 7/7/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

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To learn more about what you can do here, check out http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Discussions

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Have fun!
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• 8/7/2017

well i don't know where should i post this thread but... (+a tribute forum for Eva because im crazy)

i've missed this wiki so much... i've missed puppy in my pocket so much... it's my childhood and gives me nostalgia, and i still feel sorry fo Eva, yes i know im the only one who actually thinks that Eva deserves a good ending. when i've seen she has been caught by the Pet Buster, i cried my eyes out... i have a weird taste in characters, i know that, and i can be a pacifist to some characters. Eva is Ava's sister, Ava loves her as a sister, they deserve to be together. i get it, the story was all creative but the ending was really sad. i mean, not every bad person deserves a bad ending. whoever created the PimP storyboard kinda rushed and exaggerated the ending of the season... i swear if they continue PimP and make Eva in the good side, i'd cry my eyes out of happiness. i love her so much and i see good in her. i try to not cry over a fictional character... but i know you guys did cry over a favourite character dying/ getting taken away and never coming back before... 
i want her back... seriously i do. i have mercy in her. im prolly the only person that does. im Frisk from Undertale in a nutshell. if you guys dont even know what Undertale is just a feelsy computer game i started to obsess on... and the fandom is almost full of crazy small skeleton fangirls... anyways, back to the point. i can remake the ending of PimP if you guys want. i know most of you ain't active at all but i hope that the founder and the admins wouldnt mind that...
also im giving a shoutout to Surprise1 and TrueSavagemk2, these guys have been good friends with me and they trusted me, even when i was overdramatic and cringey, also adding SSBB references in every single animal OCs and canons. they're amazing...
yes im Anamary The Pikonik/ Firefly1, but i've changed and also my fandoms, im into Mixels, Undertale and other... but I might come back to the Puppy in my Pocket fandom... secretely unfortunately, or only in this wiki, not in deviantart because people wouldn't look at me the same again if they see me i adore PimP to bits--
if you read all of this, tysm fams... i appreciate it
also tribute tags for Eva
 #saveeva #evaneedsmorelove #evadeservesgoodending
 #evaforpresident <-- just kidding xddd
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• 7/12/2017

I'd like to apologize to the best people I've ever talked to

I'm so sorry I left you guys. It was all just selfish reasons. You guys had never done anything wrong, don't think it was your influence that I left.
My leave had haunted me for years and I got upset knowing that you guys were worried for me. You have shown me nothing but kindness and love, and I repaid it with abandoning you. I've never done anything so stupid in my life.
Friends come and go, but you're the friends who will never leave my heart no matter what, even if you leave me.
Nikolai Banks, thanks for such warmth and friendship you gave me, accepting me when I first came into this fandom. Thank you for the roleplays that I had fun with.
Hyena117, thank you for your love and treating me so specially. Your behavior never angered me in any way and it's just you being yourself. Don't beat yourself over it!
Aliyah, you might not care about me anymore, but I don't mind. Thank you for the roleplays and friendship. By the way, your artstyle is absolutely gorgeous and you show real promise for a cartoonist!
Ana, I'm sorry I was such a bad friend, ranting to you about my disorder and making you cry. I love how your art style has improved and I hope the friends you have on deviantart treat you better than I ever did.
I'm currently abroad so I can't post any pictures, but I will chat if anyone needs me to. Any anger towards me is completely justified and I understand wholeheartedly.
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• 2/17/2017


I haven't been in this wiki for ages--
I'm just checking y'all, but I'll still leave Wiki forever xD
if you need me, I'm here http://mlxj3stlc.deviantart.com/
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• 12/22/2016


I think Puppy in my Pocket merchandise is being used without permission. I've been going to this one laundromat where they have dispensers you can put 25 cents into and get fuzzy animals which I'm 100% sure they're Puppy in my Pocket products. Only thing is, they don't have eyes. So far, I've gotten Shadow, Sally, Texdy, Oscar, Mischief, Shasta, Buddy and Cody-plus many, many others.
I have been a big fan of these since I was little and I wasn't sure where else to post this. If anyone knows a way to email the company, please reply.
Thank you!
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• 6/22/2015


The Puppy in my pocket facebook page is active again...or technicly the person who runs it is still active! If you want to check it out https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009553818465&fref=nf
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• 11/23/2014

Im home

Sketch: Oh hai im back home to my original wiki yeah im just unpacking my stuff from my travels here let me show some suvinors *opens door* Its dusty i know but im gonna clean it out *levitates vinegar bottle* this ones from the mlp oc wiki vinny vinegar *smiles and puts it back* *levitates memory orb* for those who dont know im a fallout equestria fan he and i manage to get a memory orb of fluttershy's speech its very delicate *gently puts it back* *levitates stardust* I got this in my dreams *levitates siren's gem shard* I still feel its power and lastly *pushes button and all statuettes of mane six* I have them all but these are just some valuables others are still in my pack but thats not the point im back for rp stories and episodes show *lights horn and morphs to tabby named Aliyah (duh)* Aliyah: See you soon peace
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• 9/12/2014

Who will replace Santi X

Well for the people that payed attention to the santi X article he will not become that kate opssesed douce he was before.He gets tired of being bossed around by eva so He goes on his own trying to flirt with other girls in perris and whould sometimes will even help Liam X but now...who will be the guywho takes his place....
Mr top hat/TheNSCL
or mabye it can be....
A new charecter enspired by abully at school.
He is a violent kid,enjoys killing animals,making living things suffer and is raised by canibals.Him and his brother wan't to kill Liam X and his comrads.After a fatal fight with liam X,He lost an eye and one was dammaged.
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• 8/31/2014

Hey, buddies! (^u^)/)

It's me, Ana! In case you forget, this is my new second account! Missed me? I think you do! I'll announce I will cancel The Toons are the best, Puppy in my Pocket 2: Adventures in Smashville, My Little Toony and Puppy in my Pocket: Black and White because now I'm into Legend of Zelda and I'm at SSBB at times but not like that, cause I will do babyish shows like that! I decided to close the Anamary the Lordkonik because now I realized lord are for man! I wanted to change Anamary into a Thunder Lady but now I realized the Pikoniks, Lordkoniks, Monsterkoniks sounds babyish to me! So yep! Sorry for canceling them! But I'll never forget about Puppy in my Pocket, even where I leave Boomerang channel canceled it! But now I think was into PimP too much, so now I', trying My Little Pony and watching some Let's play LoZ videos! ^_^ I did a new Wiki called The Fantasy of Zelfine! Check it out in my Wiki profile! I created my account as Firefly1 because I want to look like Surprise1's online sister! So sweet, isn't it? <333 
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• 6/17/2014

Need help

Can one of guys dellte my pages because I am leaving and getting rid of my adminship
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• 6/8/2014

Croatia .vs. Brazil (FIFA 2014 World Cup opening)

Croatia along with Brazil will be opening the 2014 World Cup. Only 4 days away, I hope that you join me and cheer for Croatia. All cheers will be helpful and here's a pic that's acknowledging my cheer for Croatia! :D
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• 4/29/2014

My fanon will be rebooted

If you don't know what this means,It means that the plots of my fanon will change such as  back stories,personalitys and more.Nothing big will be changed,Liam X is still a hero,Santi X is string,Skippy still has that transformation.This is just an announcment.
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• 4/13/2014

This awsome guy I just found on youtube.

I found a guy on youtube named reader of the fanfics.He reads not only creepy pasta but also any fanfic.So i will request this guy to read my kate meets Liam X fanfic.But I got to change and make sure any bubble grease is not on it (if you know what I mean XDDD)Here is a link
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• 4/11/2014

Voice actors have been decided by me.

So here are actors for my Ocs that I have diceeded on.
Usa and arabric contries: Roger graig smith
Canada:Mark burke
Arabric and other launquages:Jaleel white
Liam X
all contries untill end of season 2: voice editor (which means any one can voice him because it will be edited to be high piched)
all contries and in other launquges after season 2: Mark burke in a sonic like voice
Ezzy X
Usa and arabric contries: Jaleel white in a manic impression
canada: BUMPER ROBINSON in his bumblebee voice
other launquages:Mark burke in his sonic like voice
Anyone with a good derpy voice
Usa and arabric contries:Ian James Corlett in skales' voice
Canada:Michael Dobson
other launquages:Mackenzie Gray
The voice ators kate but have a more of bratty abnoxius tone for Emily.She is basicly the anti Kate
Mr top hat
Usa and arabric contries:TheNSCL
canada:Garry CHALK
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• 3/25/2014

New wiki :D

Hey guys i made a new wiki so im begging you please!!!! Help me out with it and everything i dont want to lose it PLEASE!!!! 
Link: http://the-mane-four.wikia.com/wiki/The_Mane_Four_Wiki#Describe_your_topic
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• 3/16/2014

A old wiki I aponded comes back into the spotlight. :D

So after I created the Liam X article i made this wiki. http://liam-x.wikia.com/wiki/Liam_X_Wiki I have left it but i decided to put it back into its old glory.You can put you charecters there.
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• 3/12/2014

A awsome announcement

I have a awsome annocment for the people that don't know.Me and Surprise1 are boyfriend and girlfriend.I am so happy for my first relation ship and so far,I think I whould wan't to spend the rest of my life with her/get married.I know I am 13 and that might not happen untill I am like 27 but I love her so much. :]
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• 2/4/2014

Time to get working

Well from looks of it BubbleGuppies is no longer active, knowing she is possibly busy on things in real life, since she is gone, we must move on, if anyone wishes, they can return to their usual activities on here or just hang out on Wiki Chat and have fun. But if any point Bubble does return, please be civil and welcome her back to the wiki, but that is a big if, from looks of it collage has gotten busy for her and she won't be on for a long time.
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